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From Michael Meeks <>
Subject OOo / zlib license oddness ...
Date Thu, 19 Apr 2012 16:14:32 GMT
Hi guys,

	I've been meaning to poke you guys about this; but perhaps your RAT
scan found it already[1]. If you poke in zlib/ there is a patch[2] (to
create a makefile), that looks just fine on the first few reads:

+SLOFILES= $(SLO)$/adler32.obj \
+          $(SLO)$/unzip.obj   \

	Modules that seem to come from the same (sane) zlib directory, but then
there is this:

+$(MISC)$/%.c : contrib$/minizip$/%.c
+	@echo ------------------------------
+	@echo Making: $@
+    @$(COPY) $< $@

	which copies files out of the contrib/minizip/ directory into there.
Their headers appear uniformly licensed, -but- the .c files that are
copied in have confusing licensing eg. unzip.c

  See the accompanying file LICENSE, version 2000-Apr-09 or later
  (the contents of which are also included in zip.h) for terms of use.
  If, for some reason, all these files are missing, the Info-ZIP license
  also may be found at:

	So - I was wondering: do you guys have the Info-ZIP license in your
notices / documentation etc. ? not sure which category it is ? I believe
it's used by spotlight and some windows integration but not on Linux

	Hopefully it's in time to get right in your release.



[1] - IMHO, only a compiler/pre-processor can -really- get to the bottom
      of this kind of deep badness, no idea how that rat thing works.
[2] - interestingly it is flagged:
	"Copyright according the GNU Public License"
      seemingly nonsensical; though there are another 5x extant
      instances of that string.
--  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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