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From Pedro Giffuni <>
Subject Re: Ditching our mirror system for an inferior solution?
Date Fri, 13 Apr 2012 03:28:09 GMT

--- Gio 12/4/12, drew <> ha scritto:
> > 
> > Because we just have no basis for rejecting mirrors.
> Sure we do, groups; particularly non-profits turn down
> offers from commercial operators all the time. Lets be
> clear the SF offer is not all about contributing to
> the project it is also to some degree about their
> commercial concerns - it is their business model.

Bandwidth costs and yes there is a business component
in that but it's not something I would personally be
worried about as long as it's not the only way to
download a release.

I will put it this way: we cannot stop people from
mirroring OpenOffice and making money out of the
bandwidth or some added feature. If SF wants to go
further and coordinate with us instead of doing it
without asking then I simply don't see it as a bad

It is not uncommon to have the option of downloading
software using Ad supported services under the
expectation that it may be a bit faster or more

I will cut a lot of stuff.. but I will say I
basically do agree, and as I wrote before I am
not aware of any decision concerning ditching

> Well, if that is the case then how do you reconcile SF - in
> the case of extensions/templates it was easy, they are not
> official Apache releases. 
> In the case of the binary releases I guess it is the same
> thing then, certainly there is plenty of reason to believe
> that a good portion of Apache does not consider any binary
> release as official - just a
> convenience, which is fine - but then we are back to the
> question of why
> not use the system already in place - mirrorbrain?

I think they are official: I understand we will go through
the process of signing them.

In any case, I think the downloading details is something
that has to be coordinated with infra. SF has been very
proactive here but that shouldn't stop mirrorbrain and
the normal Apache mirrors to do their part.


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