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From Pedro Giffuni <>
Subject Re: How to report a build breaker in BZ?
Date Thu, 05 Apr 2012 18:10:53 GMT

Hi Herbert;

--- Gio 5/4/12, Herbert Duerr <> ha scritto:

> This looks like the compiler provided STL not STLport.
We are using STLport: the build just doesn't work
disabling STLport.

> Mixing these two template libraries is not a good idea, e.g.
> when using the system silgraphite with system STL and the
> internal AOO libs with the in-tree STLport. I guess it will
> work better if you don't run configure
> -with-system-graphite, but only with --enable-graphite. Then
> AOO will build graphite with the same STL template library
> it is using itself.

We did that a while ago but it still causes breakage.
> > Maho-san has a workaround in the BSD port that is not
> acceptable for
> > the codebase [...]
> Do you happen to have a link to the diff?

You are warned that it's really ugly. The bug is
in VCL or in STLport but we workaround it in

> > [...]
> > Unfortunately, despite the BZ cleanup, it is still not
> clear to me on which
> > category this should be filed in! It is not
> installation error, nor ucb
> > or sdk
> > or wp (that category probably doesn't belong in our bz
> anymore), how
> > should it be classified, a new category perhaps?
> I'd put it into GSL, because GSL ("graphics system layer")
> libraries are involved.

Thanks! It is not clear to the new guys (like me) so
some polishing from our bugzilla experts is welcome.

I will open a new issue and I will upload the build log.



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