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From Pedro Giffuni <>
Subject Re: issue 116680
Date Tue, 03 Apr 2012 06:26:26 GMT

--- Mar 3/4/12, eric b <> ha scritto:

> > Your patches are very straightforward but .. heck, we
> are so near the release I personally won't run risks.
> > 
> Ok no problem.  Thanks for the attachment on the issue.
> anyway.

Well, if it builds we should consider it. Your original
patch had a small problem: You removed the if HAS_HUNSPELL
flag that some of us use for the preinstalled hunspell.
On FreeBSD we are using 1.3.2 (shared with LO).

Something cosmetical is that I like to keep the patches
without version number (hunspell.patch instead of
hunspell-1.3.1.patch) because it's useful to review in SVN
how the patch has changed.

> My intention was simply to provide a fast answer. I'll try
> to do some cleanup today, build and test it, and to provide
> a better patch. Just in case, I added more information to
> Simon (on this list), and if someone else will try, she or
> he's welcome

And big thanks ... it was indeed a fast answer! 


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