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From Marc Sanders <>
Subject Re:
Date Thu, 22 Mar 2012 20:40:40 GMT

Rob Weir <robweir <at>> writes:

> On Wed, Mar 14, 2012 at 10:53 AM, Donald Whytock <dwhytock <at>>

> wrote:
> Looks like they are bundling in known adware apps like PartyPoker,
> PriceGong, uPlayer, etc.
> Their link that says "Install the OpenOffice suite and get the #1
> alternative to MS Office" downloads a 33 MB openoffice-suite.exe. This
> is not a real distribution of  It sounds like it is a
> "download admin" that will offer the other apps and then download OOo.
> So a few issues here:
> 1) Their website and the file name suggest that the user is
> downloading "OpenOffice"
> 2) Domain name ""
> Both are likely confusing to the consumer and falsely imply the
> identity and source of their goods.
> BTW, I created a place in Bugzilla to track things like this:
> Once we get 3.4 out maybe we can do an official registration of
> "Apache OpenOffice" as a trademark.  That will give us some more clout
> with issues like this.  Until then, I suppose we should take it as a
> compliment that they are claiming to be us, and not some other open
> source office suite 
> -Rob
> > Don

In a moment of carelessness, 
I downloaded and "installed", but declined 
all adware apps.  After 
"installation", no version 
of OOo appeared anywhere. 
(So, *apparently* nothing 
installed or could be uninstalled.)  
I've run Sophos AV numerous time 
and found nothing.

Any reason I should be concerned?


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