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From Alexander Thurgood <>
Subject Re: Files replaced by hashes, let's face it
Date Wed, 14 Mar 2012 16:45:42 GMT
Le 12/03/12 22:47, Hagar Delest a écrit :

Hi Hagar,

> NB: not sure if LibO has inherited this problem too but I guess so
> according to a quick Google search:

Yes, the problem has been raised also on some of the LO user lists, at
least the ones I follow, not sure whether the file was filled with
dashes though, or just trashed with irrelevant bytes of random
characters, I haven't looked at the details enough.

> Of course the bug is not reproducible, it happens on several OS, with
> different versions but has appeared clearly end of 2008.

And possibly even older than that, from my own recollections of lost
files, and attempts to save data in some way or another.

> Please remember that this bug is very detrimental to the product
> reputation, leading to a loss of confidence in the code. Especially for
> a very basic feature. Facing say a power loss is not usual but the
> original file should not be processed until the new file is correctly
> written (or its temporary version should at least be available for
> recovery).

If I have understood correctly, this is currently being looked at within
the LO project on the developer list, using fsync (or its Windows
equivalent), but in a way that would attempt to reduce the performance
hit. There might be something of use their for the AOOo project. I don't
have a Nabble reference to hand just now to point to the particular thread.


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