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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: [EXTENSIONS][RELEASE] (was RE: Calling all volunteers: It is time to test)
Date Thu, 08 Mar 2012 00:13:06 GMT
On Wed, Mar 7, 2012 at 5:07 PM, Keith N. McKenna
<> wrote:


>> In any case your questions suggests a simple misunderstanding.  The
>> issue with the extensions in 3.4 is not that the 3.4 install is
>> overwriting a profile or anything like that.  It is not, as you say.
>> that we are "deleting all installed extensions".  The issue is that
>> the extensions info in OOo 3.3 was stored locally in Berkeley Db
>> database file.  We had to remove berkeleydb because of its
>> incompatible license.  So the database file is there, but, even after
>> an upgrade, but we're not able to read it.  That is why the extensions
>> need to be reinstalled.
>        If that is the case it would have behooved you to report that fact
> when you added your "Call for testers" to the Users list. Many people that
> read that list do not subscribe to the Devs' list at all and would not have
> been privy to those discussions around incompatibility of licenses and the
> need to re-install all extensions including dictionaries. I know that it
> surprised me as I only recently subscribed to this list and had no idea they
> had happened.

My original note started off saying this:

"First, if you have never tested a pre-release product before, know
that bugs are expected. That is the purpose of testing, to find bugs
so they can be fixed. Bugs could range from UI glitches, to incorrect
formatting to crashes or even data corruption.  So you probably don't
want to use a test build for mission-critical tasks. Of course, I
assume you have already backed up your important documents.  You do
have backups, right?  Ideally you can do your testing on a separate
machine from your main work machine, so if something goes wrong you
will not interfere with your other work."

In other words, pre-release software has all known bugs, as well as
all unknown bugs.  The former are in the release notes or BZ, the
later are what we're looking for.  I was hoping that warning would
dissuade those from testing who were not able to deal with the
inevitable glitches that occur in early testing.

In any case, if I send another invite to the users list I'll certainly
give more background information, including links to the release notes
and open BZ issues.



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