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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: Regional AOO sites [was: Re:]
Date Thu, 29 Mar 2012 14:11:42 GMT
On Thu, Mar 29, 2012 at 9:29 AM, Claudio Filho <> wrote:

> Hi
> 2012/3/28 Rob Weir <>:
> > We have the ability to host such sites here at Apache, as subdomains of
> the
> > domain.  For example, is for
> > German.  It then redirects to which is a
> > subdirectory of our web site's content tree.
> Yes, that is (practically) the same thing that before.
> > If a website is done that way, then project committers have direct access
> > to checking in changes, via the CMS or Subversion.  Other contributors
> can
> > submit patches.
> I see different, Rob, why in this way is good to maintain a "core"
> pages, like in Debian (where i help too) that all content are under
> CVS using WML, giving a very good support to manage and see how old is
> a translation. A example is this page[1].
> [1]
I see three models:

1) Core English portal that is translated into other languages.  So no
local variation, other than translation.

2) Each language creates its own NL entry page, with design and content
determined by the NL community

3) A core English page that is modular, that has core content that is
translated for other languages, but also has a panel for local news
stories, and additional NL-specific content available on pages linked to
from the home page.

Today, with the, we have a mix.  And some would say we have
a mess.

My personal preference would be something like #3.  Get a basic translation
for all languages, with static content that will remain valid for a long
period of time.  We might not have a vibrant Bulgarian or Albanian
community in the project today, but we can have a website translated once,
and still be useful to end users.  But then we need additional flexibility
for active NL communities, so they can customize and enhance.

>> Can we follow this strategy?
> >>
> > Which strategy? Calling something "BrOffice"?
> To have a regional site out of Apache's infra.
> > For a website hosted at Apache, as part of the website,
> the
> > CMS is available by default.
> humm... a Wiki can be considered as CMS, but isn't easy or with same
> resources/features that a communicative site. But with this phrase i
> understand that here isn't the correct place to discuss this, and yes
> in mkting list. I will do it.
The Apache CMS allows someone to edit files via a browser-based interface.
So it is very easy for a committer to make changes.  Not as easy as a wiki,
but a lot easier than checking out files via SVN.

And I think we could do a hybrid model as well.  For example, we could have
a static HTML homepage for a language, but then have the links from that
page go to a wiki that the NL community maintains.  That would give us a
consistent "look & feel" for the homepage, but also give easier authoring
for the other pages.

> > It is also certainly possible to have your own website, external to
> Apache,
> > and run by local volunteers.  But it would be important to choose a
> domain
> > name that did not imply that it was an official OpenOffice website.
> As BrOffice, always became clear that was a *community* website, and
> was a strategy to bring more volunteers and promote the product, like
> a "adaptation land" before to jump for international project. We can
> receive good efforts from a non-english community speakers inside each
> country/region, finding people that can to do this "bridge" (or
> facilitator) for AOO project.
I think this approach can be done at Apache as well.  You have a pt_br
mailing list for the NL community, to coordinate the contents of the

> > The simplest thing, I think, would be to host your website at Apache,
> > something like  Would that work?
> As i said, I see fine to translate the portal for all languages, like
> in Debian, but when we start to bring news, localized material (or
> more specific like spreadsheets based in a local law), isn't
> interesting to share. Others, like presentation templates, i agree
> that is interesting to converge and to  join.
> However, i will rewrite this email in mkting list.
> Best,
> Claudio

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