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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: GSoC 2012 is coming
Date Fri, 16 Mar 2012 22:01:11 GMT
On Wed, Mar 7, 2012 at 5:39 PM, Pedro Giffuni <> wrote:
> Hi;
> --- Mar 6/3/12, Rob Weir <> ha scritto:
> ...
>> Also, if anyone has a good idea but doesn't have time to
>> mentor, please post your ideas.  There might be someone
>> else who has time to mentor but could use some ideas.
> Here are some ideas:

It looks like Apache was accepted in GSoC 2012.:

Is anyone entering any proposals?  It looks like Pedro had some good
ideas here.  I entered one on the ODF Toolkit project, where I can be
more "hands on" with the coding.


> Clang port.
> This is desirable to help keep the code very portable and
> clean and is also a good opportunity for someone wanting
> to polish his/her C++ skills, but beyond this it is
> critical to maintain the MacOS X port working with the
> latest tools. Ideally we should commit the gnumake4 CWS
> before this since it solves a issue defining the C
> compiler.
> Adding support for CardDav addressbooks.
> Shipping Seamonkey is rather inconvenient for us in AOO,
> it's also a huge package to carry and build only
> to support external addressbooks. Supporting WebDav,
> perhaps with the help of the Mulberry vCard Library,
> would enable us to support standard addressbooks.
> Familiarity with Webdav is required for this project.
> More information is here:
> Report builder as an external extension.
> This may also be applicable for the wordperfect filter
> or the mysql connector: we cannot ship this functionality
> with Apache OO due to licensing issues but making them
> available through external extensions in Apache Extras
> would be just fine. Some familiarity with the UNO API
> is a prerequisite.
> PDF import extension
> We need to replace xpdf with Apache PDFBox or something
> similar and add support OCR support with something like
> Tesseract:
> I think that's enough ... for now ;).
> cheers,
> Pedro.

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