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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: press announcement for AOO 3.4
Date Sat, 03 Mar 2012 01:50:07 GMT
On Fri, Mar 2, 2012 at 6:28 PM, Jörg Schmidt <> wrote:
> Hello,
>  Rob Weir wrote:
>> > question:
>> > Is it possible to "Apache Public Relations Committee" a
>> draft of a German press release to be transmitted so that
>> confirms this?
>> >
>> You say press release, but who do you think is issuing the press
>> release? What entity?
> "Apache OpenOffice" (or 'incubator AOO'), but there must also be a national entity for
national or local press releases.

 I don't see the need for fragmentation.

The project speaks in one voice.  With the help of volunteers we can
speak in many languages.  But we cannot have sub-groups within the
project making press releases on behalf of the project,   All press
releases come from the entire project, and require review and approval
from the PMC, as well as Apache.

Think of it this way: OpenOffice supports multiple languages.  But we
don't have independent groups compiling and releases OpenOffice.  We
work together to have a single, multilingual product.

>> Are you talking about a real press release that
>> goes out via a wire service?
> No.
>> Or just an something on our website that
>> says "Press Release" on it?
> Not only. I also mean e.g. press releases in the form of Emails.
>> Also, the purpose of the review and approval is not to fine tune your
>> German grammar. But Apache does have an interest in making sure that
>> trademarks are used correctly and that required podling disclaimers
>> are included, etc.
> Yes, this ist also reasonable.
>> And most of all, Press@ is here to help.  They have expertise and
>> contacts that can help us get out our message.
> And what can the german AOO-community do? Can we send drafts of press releases to Press@...
to discuss it?

Send the draft first to this list first, to get PPMC approval, then we
can engage Press@.

>> > And for e.g. Germany, Austria, Switzerland, we need
>> german-language press releases.
>> >
>> When we release AOO 3.4 it will be on many more languages.  We'll need
>> to coordinate the press activities.
> Yes, clear.
> But what about national issues, e.g. the future of (OOo) / AOO in the Munich city council?
You know the LiMux project:

I'm familiar with LiMux, yes.   Is this something that the project
needs to speak on?  If so, let's have a draft of the press release.
Whether the issue is national, local, or international, it really
doesn't make a difference.  The issue is that the press release is on
behalf of the Apache OpenOffice project.   If it is in our name, then
it needs review.

An alternative would be to have a press release from some other
organization, like a local German users group or something like that.
But it would need to pick a different name.  It could not claim to
speak for "Apache OpenOffice".

>> I don't see a problem with that.
> I see a problem if for month users being not informed enough and (OOo)/AOO constantly
users loses. You not?

No one is denying that we would benefit from more information.

> And I see a problem if it is for beginners so difficult to understand the workings of
Apache. Many of us who are not developers want to work for the success of AOO, but do not
always understand ways of working.

Maybe it would help to think of it this way:

There are many ways in which we can make information available about
the project.  They differ in level of formality.

At the least level of formality is what we can all do as individuals,
speaking for ourselves.  These include posts to social networking
sites, personal blog posts, interviews with the press, speaking at
conferences, responding to misinformation in news articles, etc.   So
long as you don't claim to be speaking on behalf of Apache or Apache
OpenOffice, you are free to do these kinds of informal communications.

In the same way, other organizations in the ecosystem can speak for
themselves, as organizations.  So if the FreeBSD project wants to
issue a press release about their port of OpenOffice., that is fine.
They just need to make sure they use the Apache trademarks correctly
and don't claim to be speaking on behlaf of Apache of the Apache
OpenOffice project.  They speak on behalf of their own organization.

Same thing for users groups, local open source clubs, etc.  They are
free to get involved in local issues, push for OpenOffice adoption,
etc.  But they may not issue statements or releases on behalf of
Apache or Apache OpenOffice.

Going up the level of formality, we have an Apache OpenOffice website,
and blog and an announcements mailing list.  These can be used for
communications from the Apache OpenOffice project.  When something is
signed "on behalf of the Apache OpenOffice PMC", that means it has
been reviewed by our Project Management Committee and we approved its

And at the higher level are formal statements in the form of press
releases.  As a podling we have some restrictions, including the
requirement to coordinate with Press@.  By "we" I mean the Apache
OpenOffice PMC.   A candidate press release first needs to be reviewed
and approved by the PMC.

If this isn't clear, then please ask more questions.

In any case, it is probably worth us thinking about a communications
plan for the 3.4 release, one that will have local variations.


>> This is the challenge in all
>> languages, right?
> This special press message, yes, but not all.
> greetings
> Jörg

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