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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: How can we get OpenOffice started with Pootle?
Date Sat, 03 Mar 2012 02:10:11 GMT
On Fri, Mar 2, 2012 at 8:04 PM, Dave Fisher <> wrote:
> On Mar 2, 2012, at 4:22 PM, Michael Bauer wrote:
>> 02/03/2012 23:41, sgrìobh Gavin McDonald:
>>> See
>>> for more info on the privileges applied.
>>> You need not be logged in to submit translation suggestions.
>>> Therefore, no need to be a committer to do so either.
>>> HTH
>>> Gav...
>> Gavin, the nature of the best is that for small languages, you usually have a team
of one. If I add "Suggestions" then there is no-one who will accept them or, if I get the
right priviledges, I have to accept them at a later point myself. Or indeed, if someone suggests
a junk translation, then how will a committer who is unfamiliar with the language going to
>> I'd have to be at least a Project Admin level (looking at your table (by the way,
should that be "higher perms" instead of "giving higger perms"?). Not because I want to commit
but apart from the above reason, because I'm not doing anything unless I can make backups
(sorry, but I *almost* got burnt very badly when OOO went down) and because I need to be able
to overwrite some of the old stuff (I was in the middle of a major review of a lot of junk
that ended up in the Gaelic translation).
>> If that's not an option, then I have to seriously think about participation in AOO.
> Well I think that the PPMC needs to seriously think about how to handle very small NL
projects like Gaelic - Scottish. While yours is a specific case, it does point out a general
> How does AOO help smaller NL communities that do not already have committers bootstrap
productive translation of their language. How does the PPMC provide proper oversight in considering
someone's merit without work here at Apache? This may be a case where we will need members
of the PPMC to vouch for someone's prior work. I don't want to abandon smaller languages.
Perhaps we need to have a test, perhaps help translating news for the website and/or bootstrapping
/ restarting NL parts of the website. I would be willing to help guide work on NL parts of

So we have what, 100 languages or more?  And in each release we add or
change a few dozen or a hundred strings?

Suppose we did something along your lines, of having a way of
measuring contribution, vetting the quality of the work, etc.  Would
it make sense to more than double the number of committers and PPMC
members for this?  Does it really make sense to have 200 PPMC members,
more than half -- a deciding bloc in release and PMC Chair votes -- be

And do we really want to require 100+ ICLA's and deal with the
likelihood that not everyone will sign?

And then, once we've done al that, how can we as a PMC vote to approve
the release of a translation that only 0.5% of us can verify?

I wonder if we need another model entirely.  For example, do
translations as extensions and make it easier for translators to work
at their own pace and release when they want.  But the translations
would not be Apache releases.  They would be published via the
Extensions repository.


> What do you think? What does the PPMC think? What does the community think?
> Regards,
> Dave
>> Michael

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