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From Paolo Pozzan <>
Subject Re: Please do not work at Pootle atm
Date Tue, 06 Mar 2012 13:55:34 GMT
2012/3/6 Raphael Bircher <>:
> Am 06.03.12 09:50, schrieb Andre Fischer:
>> When there are strings that are in both data sets then we have to choose
>> one, right?  Is that done automatically?

Usually yes, you can set automatic translation for 100% match.
For this and other procedures the translate-toolkit [1] is the way to go.

> First at all. I have backups from the data. But yes, we have to merge
> changes. The problem is, that we have not realy a clean base. We have 3
> different sources:
> - first the SDF in the Source
> - The backup from the old pootle Server
> - The Source it self (but the source has no translation, only the en-US
> strings)
> The SDF Files works in the build, so they are tecnical clean. But they are
> probabily not up to date with the localization. The SDF was created before
> Hamburg stopt working. So samewhat in the March 2011. The Pootle server
> works much longer, so there are probabily translation in the old Pootle
> backup wich are not in the SDF. But both include not the new AOO Strings.

I thought the SDF were updated with AOO strings... Probably the SDF
comes from the last translation round which was set up for 3.4, so all
the teams that completed the translation in time probably have no
difference between SDF and pootle backup.

> The Pootle server has a actual Backup from the translation, but this backup
> commes from a crushed HD. So we are not sure if this files are clean. Not
> clean po's are a big risk.

They are a risk for build if converted in SDF, but not for creating
translation memories ;-)

> The data from the source content the additional AOO strings but no
> translations.
> What I try to do is the following:
> debug the existing po from the old Pootle server. Broken language we can't
> use, the changes will be loost. If you have a actual local copy of the po
> files from the old Pootle server you can send me the directory in a Zip
> archive.
> Dreate new po files based on the AOO Source
> update pootle

If I can be of any help (even if I have no commiter status), just let me know.



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