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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Clarifying facts
Date Tue, 13 Mar 2012 17:36:41 GMT
On 13 March 2012 17:17, Dave Fisher <> wrote:


>> The Apache OpenOffice project is still in incubation and has not yet requested graduation
to a TLP.
> A release is a prerequisite to graduation. Once a release has been made graduation is
next on the agenda. Our mentors can correct me if I am wrong, but we have likely met all of
the other requirements.

Speaking as just one mentor I believe the PPMC is now functioning as a
healthy Apache PMC. Specifically:

- the diversity requirement of the project has been met (in fact this
was the case on day one)

- all discussions relating to project strategy now take place on the
public mailing lists

- the voice of the lone contributor is as loud as the voice of any
other contributor

- decisions are being taken by those who are ready, willing and able
to implement them

- the community is rewarding those who earn merit with committership
in the project

- participants are finding their natural place within the community
(this includes coders, testers, technical writers, forum admins,
translators and many more)

- the community is learning to respect and reward non-code contributions

- there is evidence of cross-project collaboration both into and out of AOO

- AOO project members are appearing in the appropriate places around
the ASF to ensure full engagement with the foundation

- mentors very rarely interject, unless specifically called upon

- community members are learning not to feed trolls

In summary, yes I think the AOO project is well on its way to
graduation. A release is a pre-requisite to graduation as that is the
point at which the ASF is able to assert that the code is fully
license compliant. Once the first release is complete I imagine
graduation will not be far behind.

I look forward to seeing AOO code allowing the further adoption of ODF
alongside other great ODF related projects.


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