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From RGB ES <>
Subject Re: Files replaced by hashes, let's face it
Date Mon, 12 Mar 2012 22:05:48 GMT
El día 12 de marzo de 2012 22:47, Hagar Delest
<> escribió:
> Hi All,
> We have had a recent discussion in the forum (after another case) about the
> problem where files are replaced with only hashes, leading to serious data
> loss.
> Is there any plan to handle it or at least to double check the save process?
> For the record: usually after a power loss, the opened file is wrecked and
> no data is recoverable. In very rare cases (I've seen it twice IIRC), user
> is able to recover the last version from the temporary files.
> The discussion:
> The post where I've listed more than 90 similar reports in forums:
> The issue I'd filed:
> NB: not sure if LibO has inherited this problem too but I guess so according
> to a quick Google search:
> Of course the bug is not reproducible, it happens on several OS, with
> different versions but has appeared clearly end of 2008.
> Please remember that this bug is very detrimental to the product reputation,
> leading to a loss of confidence in the code. Especially for a very basic
> feature. Facing say a power loss is not usual but the original file should
> not be processed until the new file is correctly written (or its temporary
> version should at least be available for recovery).
> Hagar

I think that the first step should be to enable by default the "always
create backup copy" under Tools → Options → Load/Save. Second step
should be to set the default path to the backup folder on a more
visible location: I've seen many users that get panicked when you say
they need to search for the hidden folder that contains the user


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