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From RGB ES <>
Subject Re: Competition (was: Clarifying facts)
Date Tue, 13 Mar 2012 22:53:47 GMT
El día 13 de marzo de 2012 23:36, Joe Schaefer
<> escribió:
> You're entitled to a dissenting opinion as an individual,
> but shaping the marketplace is not part of what we do
> as a public charity.  Just look at how the subversion
> project has handled contributions related to git migration tools
> for instance (yes you chose an apt example but just don't know
> the true history)- our role organizationally is to facilitate user
> satisfactionno matter where they may ultimately find it.
> Friendly internal competition in terms of overall community is fine,
> but respect for other open source projects should not be sacrificed
> as a result.  LibreOffice is part of the landscape now, like it or not,
> and failing to mention them simply to avoid elevating any attention
> towards them is not what I'd call friendly internal competition.
Indeed: there is a big difference between "competition" and "war". For
example, KDE and gnome guys compete on the "desktop market", but they
are able to organize the "desktop summits" together, sharing not only
costs. AOO and LibO are NOT enemies.

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