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From Claudio Filho <>
Subject Re: AOO for Debian
Date Fri, 16 Mar 2012 10:23:23 GMT

First of all, congratulations for you and Bachard. Was really a
surprise the way that "fighted" about the inclusion of AOO in Debian.
This fact, did me to think the big work in lobby inside of all distros
for try to block AOO.

My R$ 0,02....

2012/3/16 imacat <>:
> 2. They offer the debian-apache-openoffice or debian-aoo-maintainers
> lists for an alternative discussion list if we want to separate from
> them.  I personally have no interest on that offer, but if most people
> think it is a better idea I shall follow.

At this time, i think that is irrelevant. We need to prepare our part first.

> 3. Actually, we don't have to get through Rene to put Apache OpenOffice
> or OOo4Kids into Debian.  By the Debian Policy, all we need is to find a
> Debian Developer (DD) or Debian Maintainer (DM) that is willing to
> "sponsor" the Apache OpenOffice or OOo4Kids project, which I believe
> many of my local or foreign DD/DM friends would certainly glad to.
> After all, Rene is merely one DD of thousands.  Many of my DD/DM friends
> love AOO and OOo4Kids no less than LO.  They would hate to see AOO
> dropped from Debian, and were long waiting for OOo4Kids (no kidding).

This is the easy part (IMO), Imacat. Yesterday, i spoke with two
friends, where one is a DD and other is a DM, about the creation of
AOO pkg. And i have more 2 friends DDs that can be our sponsors. As i
wrote in debian publicity list, here we wish to get a AOO pkg.

I will write for you and we discuss about this question out of list,
presenting this friends, ok?

> 4. And, of course, the final package we submit will have to follow the
> Debian Policy, which we have to take care of that ourselves.

Is clear for me. Thanks by your efforts.


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