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From Claudio Filho <>
Subject Re: [Translate] Users for Pootle Server
Date Sat, 10 Mar 2012 00:52:53 GMT

I wish to talk about two points.

1) Really Pootle can be useful and we can win produtivity with it, BUT
is possible work with other tools too;

2) This instance of Pootle, without a minimum of one person per
language as committer, is unusable.


1) How we haven't a functional pootle instance, or by lack of admin or
by method/process, i am revising the translation in the "old way",
with the convertion of SDF to PO, using the old pt-BR SDF file as
translation memory (TM) and continuing the revision/translation. Is
possible to share this files between the team and, at final, join all
files and reconvert to SDF.

I used translate-toolkit, to convert, and lokalize (the localization
tool of KDE) for revision, automatic translation (reusing TM) and new
translations . Today, the situation is total of 72696 strings (UI +
help), 59263 translated (81,5%), 10385 fuzzy (14,3%) and 3048
untranslated (4,2%). With a good team, one week of work.

2) I agree with many people that explained the question of a "manager"
per language, because in this situation is impossible for one person
with skills in all languages. Same that one person could know many
languages, the details about the region, coloquial language or
habits/common expressions isn't in his domain.

In any way, we have more one problem: how recognize the contributions
and efforts of this volunteers? This volunteer profile isn't technical
(maybe a language manager/leader), and he need to be the bridge
between the tecnical and localization parts of project.

And if need more someone to help in Pootle, i can help.


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