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From Claudio Filho <>
Subject Re: [TRANSLATION]: Request for translation and effort estimations
Date Thu, 22 Mar 2012 18:16:41 GMT

2012/3/22 Jürgen Schmidt <>:
> if possible they can work offline, submit patches ...
> As I mentioned it is always good to start with a iCLA as first step to
> become a committer over time.

I think that we can do this two things in separated ways, Jürgen.
Maybe a new volunteer wish only write a new document or help in
translation, without the flag of committer.

> Do you think this people have a problem with that?

I think that they haven't problem with iCLA, but yet not is the way (IMHO).

We can treat this question with a different approach. Please, give me
the chance to bring a good strategy that i saw and i believe to be a
good way.

In translation part of launchpad, the forge of Canonical, when you
register in there system you need to agree with the terms, where says
that all contributions in that system will be licensed under BSD

We could work in the same model, giving the chance for all in register
in Pootle under this condition - he agree that all translation's
contributions are licensed under Apache's License - giving the
"translator" profile. If this volunteer agrees with the sign of iCLA,
can be promoted to committer and follows the normal "climb" if this is
his wish. The same can be used in the wiki pages.

This step can save us of legal problems and rationalize the process,
giving for us more agility inside our process. What you think? And our
Apache's mentors?

With this care, we can receive (more) easily this new
volunteers/contributions in a legal way, and recognize/track all

I think this questions is important to maintain this project as an
all, and looking others problems (arriving), like spellchekers,
thesaurus, and others language tools that (how it was developed in
GPL/LGPL mode for attempt OOo, and after LibO) will be necessary to be
remade under Apache. Is the case of all pt-BR tools, what will hinder
the adoption of AOO here. :-/

Well, can we use a more flexible way to accept this contributions, yet
inside of Apache's rules?


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