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From Claudio Filho <>
Subject Re: [TRANSLATION]: Request for translation and effort estimations
Date Thu, 22 Mar 2012 23:36:48 GMT

2012/3/22 Pedro Giffuni <>:
> Yes. Actually item 5 of the AL2 is very supportive of this scheme.

Good to hear this, Pedro. Thanks.

> In any case, due to the setup that we have, a committer will
> have to take care of reviewing and making the contributions
> effective. All committers sign iCLAs: signing an iCLA should
> be seen as a step towards getting deeper involvement in
> the project but not a block from contributing.

I understand exactly in this way, but what I have not seen was a place
in Pootle or wiki where shows this points. At Pootle, i agree that is
necessary a commiter to revise all contributions, from anonymous or
registered volunteers.

For anonymous, ok, but i think that i lost the discussion about
*registered* volunteers in Pootle. Can Apache open a new profile there
for who wish enter in the system and to start his contributions
logging as his work?

Well, for pt-BR commiter in pootle, can i be this person? I received
this email from Apache. =)

Dear Claudio Filho,

This message acknowledges receipt of your ICLA, which has been filed
in the Apache Software Foundation records.

If you have been invited as a committer, please advise the project PMC
that your ICLA has been filed.

Warm Regards,

Craig L Russell
Secretary, Apache Software Foundation

> This was solved this for the short term already: we got permission
> to bundle dictionaries even if they are GPLd but we won't keep them
> in the base tree. This is actually consistent since the dictionaries are
> developed outside of the Apache Project.

Humm... sorry, but maybe i can't understand this point in a practical
question. You say that when we will release our binaries will can have
this dictionaries under [L]GPL embedded?!?

What i understand is that the *final user* need to download and to
install this dictionaries as extension and not embedded in the

> On the longer term we will probably try to use the dictionaries
> provided by the platform (Windows 8- MacOS X at least)

humm.. (again) :-)

I think that we can do a simple web system and collect contributions
to rebuild this tools under bsd/mit/apache license, so can be used in
*any* project.


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