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From eric b <>
Subject Re: WebDAV support: oo3.3 and oo3.4 are affecting each other
Date Fri, 09 Mar 2012 10:10:29 GMT

Disclaimer : the mail is not well quoted, so I'm not sure who I'm  
answering. Apologies if ever my answer is not clear.

Le 9 mars 12 à 03:05, lou ql a écrit :
> 2. a dialog appears asking for username&password
> 3. enter correct username/password, then press Enter
> 4. the folder opened and I can see all contents
> 5. close it. do some other operations: copy image then 
> close...
> 6. click File->open in openoffice then insert
> click Open
> Nothing happened...
> it seems you did an intensive testing. But I can't reproduce the  
> problems testing against a server running on Ubuntu and MacOS with  
> clients based on OOo3.3 or AOO3.4 r1296433 on Windows 7 and MacOS.
> How do you run this on Mac openoffice? I cannot type into the open  
> dialog on Mac 10.6, but can only select the local folders or the  
> mounted folders.

To open URL directly with the Mac OS X version, you need to use the Open dialog box (not the Apple native one).

To achieve that, you'll have to open the preferences ( Apple + " , "  
key) or Tools ->Options. Once done, in -> General ->  
check the dialog box.

Then quit AOOo, and try to Open a file -> URL will be allowed (but  
you'll lose the native box).


(sorry, french version  only).

> The same when I want to insert an image via URL from Insert- 
> >Picture->From File.... I attached the open dialog, can you show me  
> where do you type the URL? Thank you so much..
> and, is there anybody can help me to recover my XP?  I tried  
> uninstall openoffice and Ooo-dev then remove the user profile and  
> the folder in C:\Program Files, then re-install oo3.3 this morning,  
> but it still cannot connect to the WebDAV....
> Ok I should say I was able to open documents (in sub-directories,  
> with spaces or special characters in the name) edit and save the  
> documents.
> Has anybody else tried to connect to a WebDAV server?

Yes, me. Long time ago.  We even had a patch for that, but it was  
refused, because it could cause an issue with Calc. I don't remind  
the issue number in IssueZilla, so you'll have to search using  
"webdav" keyword os something similar.



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