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From Kevin Grignon <>
Subject Re: After AOO 3.4, attracting new contributors
Date Thu, 29 Mar 2012 12:31:05 GMT

Sounds like we can appeal to contributors intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. 

Another newbie question: Does OO have any experience recruiting non-technical volunteers.
Many disciplines outside coding can have an impact on the offering. Product management, UX,
ID, training, visual design, marketing, communications, etc. How might we position ourselves
as open product development? A wider net would attract the diverse skills that could really
make the effort a success long term. 


On Mar 29, 2012, at 7:39 PM, Rob Weir <> wrote:

> On Thu, Mar 29, 2012 at 12:37 AM, Pedro Giffuni <> wrote:
>> Hi Ram;
>> We are strictly non-profit here so I am not sure how far
>> we could go with such certifications. I think it's a
>> delicate matter and sooner or later someone would likely
>> complain about students being exploited or your company
>> making money in exchange of ASF certificates.
> But consider, don't we do exactly this when Apache participates in Google
> Summer of Code?  We get students working on Apache projects, and in return
> Apache gives the student a written evaluation.  And in return for a
> successful evaluation the student gets money from Google.
> How is it any different if another company (not Google) encourages students
> to contribute to the project and in return we provide some reference for
> how well the student did?  How payments are handled beyond that is none of
> our business.
>> We certainly can have a Wiki page for students to register
>> their projects and ideas and if their projects are really
>> good we would almost certainly invite them to become
>> Apache committers but that as far as we can go (I think).
> Being voted in as as committer is one way to demonstrate accomplishment in
> the project.
> Another way would be to show code contributions directly.  Everything in
> version control is open to the public to inspect, so anyone with the right
> skills can find this out.
> Another way is to use a  site like Ohloh, which puts these statistics in a
> easier-to-read form.
> -Rob
>> cheers,
>> Pedro.
>> --- Mer 28/3/12, ha scritto:
>>> Hi Rob,
>>> Well, the large talent pool is available here in India with
>>> millions of
>>> students graduating in Engineering,MCA(Master of computer
>>> applications).
>>> They all look for a project for their final semester. We can
>>> somehow try to
>>> attract them but they also try to see what  is the
>>> benefit for them. Most
>>> of these guys they learn C/Java as part of their
>>> syllabus.But we need to
>>> retrain them as they generally  just try to pass and
>>> not to be master of
>>> it.
>>> So we need to train them and make them useful.
>>> I have not seen the code base yet but based on the search
>>> results what i
>>> have understood is that it is implemented in
>>> Java,
>>> OOBasic,
>>> Cpp,
>>> Python,
>>> XSL,
>>> ooRexx
>>> From Freshers point of view they prefer the new languages
>>> like
>>> Java(ofcourse it is a old one but still new when compared to
>>> C/C++) or
>>> advanced stuff like Android. But still we can train people
>>> in C++ but it is
>>> easy to attract people for Java.
>>> If we know the exact requirement of people then we can try
>>> to gather the
>>> people and train them and make them good to contribute to
>>> the project.
>>> We have a software training institute and staff are from top
>>> MNC's.Lot of
>>> students approach us for Live Projects to gain some real
>>> experience.
>>> So we may try to accept the people and train them. We charge
>>> the students
>>> for training as we have to pay the trainers.
>>> Ultimately what students expect is an experience letter from
>>> Apache so that
>>> they can utilise it for future employment. In addition to
>>> issuing the
>>> certificate we should have their contribution mentioned in
>>> our website
>>> otherwise other job seekers will fake the cetificates.
>>> I think if the company(Apache) is ready to issue a
>>> certificate mentioning
>>> their contribution towards the project and list their
>>> contribution in AOO
>>> website then it should definetly work.
>>> Thanks & Regards,
>>> Ram,
>>> Im Software Systems

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