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From Jörg Schmidt <>
Subject Re: press announcement for AOO 3.4
Date Sat, 03 Mar 2012 09:24:06 GMT

 Ross Gardler wrote:
> - if you or an organisation wishes to speak publicly about 
> AOO you can do
> so but you cannot claim to represent the project, only your engagement
> within it.

Yes, this point is very clearly for me. At this point there is no contradiction.

But let me explain with an example:

If the national company ABC (formally named "ABC Deutschland GmbH") issues a press
release, then is a press release of "ABC Deutschland GmbH", which was also written
by "ABC Deutschland GmbH". Nevertheless, this is no press release against the
interests of ABC (formally "ABC international").

And I think we are for the distant future (not for now) local press releases for
AOO need. By that I mean local press releases written by the national communities
eg de-AOO or fr-AOO or .... ("de-AOO" is only my word for 'german AOO community').

> - if you need the project to make an official statement of 
> some kind the
> best thing to do is to write a draft and send it here for review and
> approval. For official press releases it also needs to be 
> approved by press@
> - don't worry about language, the ASF is very large, we can 
> cope with many
> languages and press@ will seek help if necessary



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