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From J├╝rgen Schmidt <>
Subject [TRANSLATION]: Current status
Date Thu, 29 Mar 2012 11:24:44 GMT

the Pootle server is now updated and in sync with the latest available 
translation data and the new 3-4 relevant templates.

We have now 15 languages in Pootle:
ar - Arabic
cs - Czech
de - German
es - Spanish
fi - Finnish
fr - French
gl - Galician
hu - Hungarian
it _ Italian
ja - Japanese
nl - Dutch
pt_BR - Portugese (Brazil)
ru - Russian
zh_CN - Chinese (China)
zh_TW - Chinese (Taiwan)

I tend to include these languages in our first release and plan to take 
the available data from Pootle on Monday. That means every update that 
is available until Monday (April 4th) will be integrated. You can also 
attach local translated po file to a new issue and assign it to me.

The relevant projects can be found under

Right now there is a general problem on the Pootle server that 
suggestions can't be accepted or declined. Even when the permissions are 
set correct (I have the same problem in my local installation of 
Pootle). But it can be workaround by copy the suggestion manually. Not 
perfect but it works. In such cases I would suggest the committer who 
plan to accept something search the dialog on the mailing first or 
however it is managed by the people who work on it in a shared team.

I would say we will need at least 1 committer for every language.

That's it for now


PS: I will update Pootle with the other languages over time, but that 
will take some time. If there are volunteers for a specific language 
please raise your hands and I will prioritize this language. OR I will 
provide a set of updated po files for offline translation.

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