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From Oliver-Rainer Wittmann <>
Subject Re: Info about the update protocol
Date Thu, 29 Mar 2012 09:23:52 GMT
Hi Joe,

On 29.03.2012 03:31, Joe Schaefer wrote:
> Look I'm pretty serious about the situation as
> it stands.  If someone can just give me a little
> pointer to where the update client is implemented
> in the svn tree that would be great.

You will find the main stuff in /main/extensions/source/update/check.
In updateprotokoll.cxx you will find function <checkForUpdates(..)>.
Please have also a look at [1], esp. [2].

Our UCB (Universal Content Broker) is used to get the update information (an 
response in XML format) via the URL which is given in the <version.ini> resp. 
<versionrc> file. The URL is found at item <UpdateURL> in this file.

I have have checked what kind of HTTP requests are triggered by our "Check for 
Updates" function. It is a GET request. It should be a single one.
As I only looked at the current code this might not be the same for former instances.


If you need further information etc., do not hesitate to ask - I will give my 
best to support you.

Best regards, Oliver.

> There is work to do here to integrate the update
> service into Apache's mirror infrastructure, and
> the division of labor between what the project can
> do and what infra needs to do isn't clear at all
> right now.  It'd sure be nice to have a solution
> implemented prior to AOO 3.4's release, which I'm
> trying to accommodate but my time is limited.
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>> From: Joe Schaefer<>
>> To: ""<>
>> Sent: Wednesday, March 28, 2012 10:33 AM
>> Subject: Info about the update protocol
>> Looking at the most recent experiment with
>> does not inspire
>> my confidence that this service was well-thought-out
>> because it shouldn't be possible for j random user
>> to configure it to poll continuously for updates.
>> I can only hope that future variants of the service
>> were better designed from a network utility standpoint.
>> In any case is there any reason to suspect that throwing
>> this traffic at a protocol-compliant script will be able to
>> tell clients to back off?  Where is the update protocol
>> documented in case infra needs to write a more scalable
>> implementation of it as an Apache C module?  Any tips,
>> especially a willingness by volunteers to resolve outstanding
>> scaling issues, will be appreciated by both infra and your
>> users of the service.
>> TIA

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