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From "Marcus (OOo)" <>
Subject Re: [RELEASE]: status update where we are and plan to move forward
Date Wed, 28 Mar 2012 20:41:27 GMT
Am 03/28/2012 08:49 AM, schrieb Jürgen Schmidt:
> Hi Andrea,
> On 3/28/12 12:43 AM, Andrea Pescetti wrote:
>> Jürgen Schmidt wrote:
>>> A RC with en-US only is not really what our community is expecting.
>> Exactly.
>>> UI
>>> We will include all languages where we have a 100% complete translation
>>> for the UI (excepting the translation for the test automation tool like
>>> for "ru")
>>> HELP
>>> For help I would not really rely on a 100% translation and would accept
>>> >95%.
>> These figures seem very high, we usually required > 80% (both UI and
>> Help), see
> thanks for this feedback, I wasn't aware of this numbers and it seems
> that my own expectations are higher than what we had before. I am open
> for that and we can reduce the numbers but doesn't it make sense to have
> 100% for UI and a lower number like the 80-85% for help. Help is not so
> important from my point view (who never used help and preferred google)
> but I think the UI should be complete.
> I am eager to learn from others and their experience and we should
> define together some boundaries for the future.

Let me allow to take a look into the past. ;-)

OOo 3.3

Full install sets:

This was done with 100 % for UI and Help with 100 - 0 % (e.g., we had 
never a translated Help in Arabic, however we have made a release for 
this language).

There were also some exceptions with lower translation ratio because: 
the NL community was very eager with their L10N work and wanted to have 
a release somehow, the NL community had very good ratio in the past and 
exceptionally not this time, etc.).


This was very less restrictive. Langpacks were done even with 0 % Help. 
The main focus was for the UI with a limit at ~80 %.


Finally, I recommend to *orientate* on these requirements:

100 - ~95 % UI and Help ratio for full install builds.
100 - ~80 % UI ratio for langpack builds.

This is what our users know from past releases (at least from the Wiki 
or other posts) and would expect for the next release. Of course we can 
change the requirements. But only after more detailed discussions and a 
published outcome (e.g., in the Wiki, blog post).

OOo 3.4 Beta

Full install sets:

Builds were done only for en-US.


The ratios for the Beta release was a bit worse as IMHO the localization 
phase was not finished before the big stop. So, Sun/Oracle has shown a 
bit more flexibility and has released them anyhow.

>> And, now that is
>> fixed (thanks!) the Italian version, even if at 95%-99%, would
>> definitely be ready to ship. We will reach 100% anyway (Paolo knows more
>> but there are more than a dozen vounteers so it won't be a problem for
>> us), but I'm speaking in general: excluding a language at 95%-99%
>> wouldn't make sense.


>> If there are concerns about problems in the translation process/data,
>> then I'd prefer to distribute only builds for which we can identify a
>> volunteer who takes care of testing that the translation is OK in the
>> common use cases.
> Exactly that is what I have in mind we will only ship languages where
> volunteers have shown up so far.
> Juergen



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