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From Andre Fischer>
Subject Re: [RELEASE] Dictionary extensions
Date Wed, 28 Mar 2012 16:06:33 GMT
On 28.03.2012 00:08, Pedro Giffuni wrote:
> --- Mar 27/3/12, Andrea Pescetti<>  ha scritto:
> ...
>>> I downloaded the source from SVN.
>>> But did not find the file th_ru_RU_v2.idx
>>> Maybe it has to be generated during the build process?
>>> Checked that in the dictionary for the German
>> equivalent file is present (this thesaurus index file).
>>> Generated with the help of his MyThes and assembled a
>> complete test version of the dictionary.
>> Index files could be generated at build time, but
>> historically did not do it, preferring to use
>> pre-built files. And now that included dictionaries must be
>> packaged as verbatim extensions, we will surely need to
>> package the index file in the extensions rather than
>> generating it at build time.
> I think I pointed to the right russian dictionary in the
> Wiki and I am adding some few extension that were
> requested in Bugzilla.
> Croatian is a special case, they relicensed their dict to
> ALv2 but the one in the extensions site:
> doesn't seem to be updated. We need someone that will
> regenerate it (it does include idx).

I have updated main/extensions.lst accordingly.

Please note that at the moment only two languages will have more than 
their "native" dictionary bundled: nl and ru.
Please speak up if you want more dictionaries for other languages as well.

I also updated some language names in the "Language" column on the wiki 
page to values that are understood by our build environment (especially 
the --with-lang configure switch): removed the country parts, eg fr_FR 
became fr.

Updated the download link for Norwegian due to problems with the redirect.

Finally, I added a new switch to configure.  By saying 
--disable-bundled-dictionaries you can now, well, disable the bundling 
of dictionary extensions.  More importantly it detects whether hunspell 
is available.  If not the dictionaries are not bundled because the would 
not work anyway.


> Cheers,
> Pedro.

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