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From tj>
Subject [WIKI] IDL extension version problem
Date Mon, 26 Mar 2012 12:16:03 GMT
Hi, Raphael,

The tag <idlml> is not supported by the IDL extension, as currently 
installed. Clayton tells me (see below) that we may be able to retrieve 
a more up-to-date version of the extension from the old wiki files.

This is an ugly nuisance (I can work around it): important, but not 
urgent. Can you take a look, when you have time?

- - - -
[excerpt from Clayton's reply]

<tj> Do you have any idea what happened to the implementation of the 
<idlml> tag? </tj>

Hmmm I can't think of anything that was done there from the initial
implementation.  I cracked open one of the old PDFs and (on PDF page
1387 or 1656) it was rendered correctly... so something went wrong
somewhere.  Not sure what though.

You're right, the <idlml> tag isn't in the code.... hmmmm.  I see that
the change to the <idml> tag on the Config Management page was made in
May 2008... which might explain why the older PDF is correct.

Looking at the extension history, Frank Peters made a change to the
Extension documentation page to add the <idlml> tag to the extension
descriptive docs, but he didn't add it to the documented code snapshot
as well (ooops).

Guessing here... somewhere along the line between 2008 and now,
someone copied the documented source code for the extension in to the
extension directory, overwriting the code with the <idlml> tag
implementation... if you've got any Wiki engine history still hanging
around, you or I may be able to rescue the <idlml> tag coding.  When I
was maintaining the Wiki backend, I usually kept older copies of the
wiki engine around in the tree just in case I needed anything after an
upgrade/update.  Stuff sometimes fell off after upgrading.  There was
a "backup" directory (in the root not in the Wiki tree though... so
maybe it's been lost?) and I also kept a second directory in the Wiki
tree with the previous version of the Wiki engine... which would
include an older version of the extension.

Worst case, I can track down Frank (I know where he works and have his
new email address) and see if he and I can dig through our combined
memories to recall what exactly he coded there.

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