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From Jürgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: AOO 3.4 Project Status wiki
Date Thu, 22 Mar 2012 07:22:55 GMT
On 3/21/12 8:38 AM, Shenfeng Liu wrote:
> Hi, all,
>    I tried to update the Project Reporting wiki and added AOO 3.4 status.
>    My intention is to make a centralized place for people to get a big
> picture on what's going on, and what's the open issues... For now the only
> way for me to get those information is to go through all the mails... I
> hope this wiki page can help a little bit... I will try to make regular
> update according to what I got from the mail list. While I think every one
> is free to add items there.
>    Please tell me if any comment/suggestion.
>    Thanks!

Hi Simon,

I like the idea and it is good if somebody will collect all the 
information and aggregate it in one place.

Right now I see only 2 names there but I would like to mention that it 
is a community effort and project. That means anybody can help to work 
on the open todos as it already happened. Thanks to all and feel free to 
add your name in the wiki when you work on something special that helps 
to bring AOO3.4 on the road.

Many more people are working on the remaining tasks ...

The pootle server is up and running and we have a first set of languages 
present. I think work is already ongoing. But we have a problem with 
contributions right now because only committers can really work with the 
pootle server. And based on some feedback many translators prefer to use 
offline tools and we will provide mpo files for them as well on demand. 
In the future we will checkin in the po files for easier access and to 
become independent from a pootle server.

I have updated the wiki a little bit.



PS: We tried it with the Release Plan wiki page but it was not really 
accepted or better not really updated. I have to confess that I stopped 
working on it when I have noticed that nobody else used it.

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