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From Oliver-Rainer Wittmann <>
Subject Re: [BUILD]: next developer snapshot or an RC?
Date Wed, 21 Mar 2012 14:40:29 GMT

On 19.03.2012 10:26, J├╝rgen Schmidt wrote:
> Hi,
> my initial plan was to propose a RC candidate today but we got some feedback
> from the IPMC mailing list that we should integrate besides the last show
> stopper issue.
> Issue:
> Bug 118895 - aoo3.4 r1240836: some contextmenu entries are not localized
> This issue makes me nervous as long as we don't understand the root cause
> because in a local build environment where I have translations for some of the
> missing strings, the strings are still missing in a German office. It's under
> investigation...
> Based on the current situation I would like to propose the following.
> No new developer snapshot today. We are working on the feedback and the show
> stopper issue.
> Hopefully tomorrow we have the feedback integrated and I would like to propose
> an English ONLY Release candidate build.
> Why?
> Simply to work on the process and to achieve that we don't get any surprises
> later on. The last real show stopper issue is related to translations only.
> In parallel we will continue to work on our pootle server to drive the
> localization efforts forward.
> Any opinions on this proposed approach?
> Juergen

I am getting very enthuastic about the things we have achieved, especially in 
the last days. A release is getting into the view.

The current situation from my point of view is
- We have solved all known code related show stoppers - the creation of next 
developer snapshots are currently in progress in order to verify the 
corresponding fixes.
- The translation process is starting to work - big thanks from my side to the 
involved people -, but some things are open here
-- Currently only Raphael has full admin access to the Pootle server as far as I 
know. Thus, the integration of further languages respectively updating the 
Pootle data with further translations provided by all the volunteers who are 
translating, but do not have access, have to go through only one person. I think 
this is a bottleneck.
-- No other language than English (US) is complete for a release.
- RAT scan cleanup is open
- update of LICENSE and NOTICE files is open
- preparation of downlad page for source release is open
- clarification of binary download handling is open

It looks like that we can solve everything in the next couple of days except the 

What is your opinion about a release which only contains language English (US)?

Best regards, Oliver.

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