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From Andrew Rist <>
Subject Re: Rat scan vs SGA
Date Tue, 20 Mar 2012 20:44:42 GMT

On 3/20/2012 8:18 AM, Andre Fischer wrote:
> Hi all,
> I compared the output of the Rat scan (section "Unapproved Licenses:") 
> with the SGA and here is the result:
> There are 4575 files in the Rat scan that have unapproved licenses and 
> which need our attention.  Only 138 of these are not in the SGA.
Thanks for looking at this Andre.
I have been looking at this, and my first couple of attempts at running 
my ALv2 header scripts on them were not so successful, as the problem is 
a bit more complex than replacing headers.  It is difficult to determine 
if the current files need a header, and this makes the process harder.

  * some files are empty (no header needed)
  * some files are very short with no 'creative content' (no header
    needed) - but what is short? 1 line - 2 lines - 10 lines.  (I'm not
  * short file with creative content (need header but the header is
    longer than the content)  - this is not so good... there is an
    option of a shortened ALv2 header which I think is needed here
  * file types that do not allow a header or comments (may need header
    but we have no way to do it - I think there are some files in this
    group, but I don't have a specific list)
  * binary files such as .jpeg, .png, .odX  that should have a header
    inside, but are more complex in terms of adding a header (more
    difficult than my current perl script)
  * binary files (mostly odt) that may not need a header (as the header
    would get seeded into a users work, changing the license of their work)

This set is more difficult.

I am intending to take another run at this in the next day or two (I've 
been promising Juergen this for a week or so).
My first attempt will be to add headers to groups of files (I do this by 
file type to get the comment syntax right), changing only files with at 
least minimum number of lines.  This should result in the list being 
culled down to a number closer to 1000.
I'll also collect up a list of short or empty files and add them to the 
excludes list.


> Regards,
> Andre

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