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From Pedro Giffuni <>
Subject Re: IP clearance issues
Date Mon, 19 Mar 2012 17:31:29 GMT
On 03/19/12 11:55, J├╝rgen Schmidt wrote:
> ...
> That said ...
>> if we had an updated OpenGrok or a real equivalent it would be
>> a lot easier.
> of course a working OpenGrok would be nice. We have a local instance 
> running that gets updated every night but that doesn't help you at the 
> moment :-(

I found a replacement: ;)

grep -R GPL main/*

(lots of noise from my HD and some false positives)
Binary file main/extras/source/autotext/lang/da/acor_da-DK.dat matches
Binary file 
main/extras/source/templates/layout/lang/en-US/lyt-glacier.otp matches
Binary file main/extras/source/templates/layout/lang/de/lyt-glacier.otp 
main/helpauthoring/filter/xmlhelp2soffice.xsl:  Licensed under LGPL
main/helpauthoring/HelpAuthoring/_Main.xba:     msgbox 
&quot; Help Authoring 
&quot;+Version+chr(13)+chr(13)+&quot;(c) 2010 Oracle, Licensed under 

It looks like we are not ready just yet for a release.

> Well my first approach to ask for OpenGrok on the infrastructure 
> mailing list was not promising and I gave up after some emails at this 
> time and concentrated on other more important things.
> But I will try it again because the alternatively proposed tools 
> haven't convinced me. So many things where people can start working on 
> ...

I am aware of that. TBH we shouldn't press the infra guys but it is clear
while that FishEye thing may be nice to read the history, it lacks the
OpenGrok search capabilities (or I need to be shown how to do
the grep test I did above).



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