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From Pedro Giffuni <>
Subject Re: IP clearance issues ( was Re: AOO 3.4 QA Weekly Status Report As of 2012.03.19(2012.03.13 - 2012.03.19))
Date Mon, 19 Mar 2012 17:21:17 GMT
Hi Dennis;

On 03/19/12 11:55, Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:
> Apache releases handle the equivalent of the THIRDPARTYLICENSES by combined use of the

We are aware of that. The THIRDPARTYLICENSES thing is a left over from
the LGPL days and is not relevant for our purposes. I only use it as
reference but if someone else doing this stuff in another, more
systematic way, please raise your hand and I won't interfere.

>    Also, as has been determined elsewhere, the NOTICE and LICENSE files on a binary distribution
may be different than on the source code because of additional third-party material that may
be embedded in a binary release.

It was also determined that the LICENSE file would only carry the AL2.
At this time whatever was "determined" is not really relevant. I would
prefer to have some reference for this: the branding guide doesn't
mention anything about the LICENSE file, other than the fact that it

> When the IP clearance is completed, the THIRDPARTYLICENSES notice should disappear and
the NOTICE and LICENSE files should carry the necessary information instead.
Replying to your other email, yes RAT is interesting but we are currently
excluding a lot of files from that analysis.


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