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From Jürgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: [POOTLE] Work-flow for non-committer contributors
Date Mon, 19 Mar 2012 16:41:16 GMT
On 3/19/12 4:26 PM, Ariel Constenla-Haile wrote:
> Hi Jürgen,
> On Mon, Mar 19, 2012 at 03:17:13PM +0100, Jürgen Schmidt wrote:
>> Proposal
>> - update the existing Pootle server with a new set of templates [2]
>> based on the latest en-US.sdf [3] file that I have prepared on the
>> current sources.
>> - sync the already available language against the new templates
>> - if no problems comes up (worked locally for me) we can start with
>> the translation work o the pootle server.
>> - integrate the new pt-BR po files on the Pootle server as well. As
>> well as all other potentially new available languages
>> - ones we have a language completed, we will integrate it back in
>> the po/sdf files and integrate it our repository.
>> For technical details how to do each step you can visit the round
>> trip section under [1].
>> We should also think about future improvements, see Andre comments
>> under [1]. There is huge room for improvements and we can think
>> about a continuous integration of the localizations. At least from
>> the pootle server into our repo ... But that is something for later
>> Most important is that we get a well defined start state to begin ;-)
>> Any opinions or further ideas?
> I have some doubts concerning how the work will be organized once all is
> in place on the pootle server, specially the work-flow for contributors
> not being committers.

valid concerns that I haven't taken into account yet.

I learned that some translators used other tools, I am no expert here. 
But would be interested to learn more here as well.

> If I understood clearly
> only committers have an account and can commit translations; "however
> anyone is free to submit a translation", but how will the contributor
> authorship be preserved?  I guess it would be better for non-committer
> contributors to submit their contribution in a bug report.
They can as Claudio already did it for pt-BR

> This raises another doubts:
> * how do you get the po files to work off-line? I've seen Upload buttons
>    on and
> but no button to download the
>    po files to work off-line.

I don't know I haven't figured out yet if there is an option for 
downloading the po files via the web front-end.

It needs some coordination anyway and people should start a discussion 
on the mailing list. People with access to the pootle server should be 
able to provide the po files quite fast.

In the future I would like to checkin the po files instead of the sdf 
files in our repository. More work necessary to adapt the tooling but 
probably worth the investigation

And we can provide a cron job or so to sync the pootle database back 
into the po files on the pootle server and replace the existing po files 
in the repo. Maybe ones a week or so. That would allow to integrate 
translations on a regular basis which will probably result in a higher 
motivation when translators see their work in the office asap.

> * what kind of tools are the suggested? May be someone with
>    experience on this topics can enhance
>    or create a new wiki page to collect more info not oriented for
>    developers but for people willing to contribute to the translation
>    with no programming knowledge and/or no Apache Committer status
good idea, we should document as much as possible to share the knowledge 
that we don't come in a similar situation as we had now and where a lot 
of time and work was necessary to figure out all the details again.


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