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From Pedro Giffuni <>
Subject Re: IP clearance issues
Date Mon, 19 Mar 2012 16:32:31 GMT
On 03/19/12 05:03, J├╝rgen Schmidt wrote:
> ...
>> I see .. That testing is very important, thanks.
>> I guess I am rather worried that our first reviewer actually
>> thought he could trust us on the IP review. I suspect I have
>> also been the only looking at the NOTICE and LICENSE files.
> you were not the only one but I had nothing to add so far ;-)
> But I don't know if you have the feedback on general@incubator to my 
> request for early feedback.

Yes, and that's precisely why I am worried ;-).
> Marvin was surprise that our LICENSE file contains ALv2 license only 
> and list not all licenses of used externals.
No finger pointing but this was a surprise for me too: we were wrongly
advised that LICENSE should only carry the AL2.

I added a DISCLAIMER file (I used Apache OpenOffice but please note that
officially we still are the Apache incubator), And I did some
more cleanups on the thirdpartylicenses.html which is a good basis to
complete the information.

I plan to merge the remaining licenses but I want to keep the same
order as in the NOTICE file: we have the non-Apache stuff in two
sections according to the license category.

> Any opinions on this how we can address this best?

The great weakness I've seen is that we have left most work to
Andrew and this shouldn't be a one man effort. Normal audits
are done by N volunteers dividing the tree in N parts, and binaries
(particularly zip files) have to be reviewed too. That said ...
if we had an updated OpenGrok or a real equivalent it would be
a lot easier.

As I said we don't need coders for this but this is a good way to
get to know the components and code structure under OO.



> Juergen
>> This things are non-technical and anyone with patience and/or
>> some skills with grep can help a lot!
>> Cheers,
>> Pedro.

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