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From J├╝rgen Schmidt <>
Subject [POOTLE]: Proposed approach to bring the Pootle server into a well defined state
Date Mon, 19 Mar 2012 14:17:13 GMT

based on the analysis [1] of Andre and the feedback I got from Raphael, 
Pavel, Claudio I would like to propose the following approach to bring 
our AOO project on the Apache Pootle server into a well defined state.

Status: Raphael had set up the current project based on the backup data.

We have 2 projects, one for UI and one for Help. I think that is a good 
schema that we should use in the future as well. For the future I would 
propose a schema where we have a 2 projects. One for the last stable 
version to allow translators to finish their translation work for a 
stable release. And a second working project that we use for continuous 
integration and ongoing translation work.

Something like
aoo34     - Apache OpenOffice 3.4 UI
aoo34help - Apache OpenOffice 3.4 Help

aoo40 - Apache OpenOffice 4.0 UI
aoo40 - Apache OpenOffice 4.0 Help

- update the existing Pootle server with a new set of templates [2] 
based on the latest en-US.sdf [3] file that I have prepared on the 
current sources.

- sync the already available language against the new templates

- if no problems comes up (worked locally for me) we can start with the 
translation work o the pootle server.

- integrate the new pt-BR po files on the Pootle server as well. As well 
as all other potentially new available languages

- ones we have a language completed, we will integrate it back in the 
po/sdf files and integrate it our repository.

For technical details how to do each step you can visit the round trip 
section under [1].

We should also think about future improvements, see Andre comments under 
[1]. There is huge room for improvements and we can think about a 
continuous integration of the localizations. At least from the pootle 
server into our repo ... But that is something for later

Most important is that we get a well defined start state to begin ;-)

Any opinions or further ideas?



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