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From J├╝rgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: Clarifying facts
Date Fri, 16 Mar 2012 16:15:35 GMT
On 3/16/12 4:26 PM, Pedro Giffuni wrote:
> On 03/16/12 10:03, Rob Weir wrote:
>>> FWIW,
>>> I suspended some rather cool but drastic updates
>>> that I was planning, including updating the internal
>>> python and Apache Commons, to ensure a softer
>>> landing of the release. Expect a lot of chaos
>>> afterwards ;).
>> Would it help if we "branched for stabilization" at some point?
> That's an interesting issue. I do think we should start defining
> some branching scheme, especially to setup a procedure
> for future releases.
> I would think after a Release Candidate is the best time, but
> there is no hurry.

exactly, and that will hopefully happen next week ;-)

At the moment we have only one serious issue

Bug 118895 - aoo3.4 r1240836: some contextmenu entries are not localized

It sounds not a big issue but with my pootle/translation tests I updated 
the relevant strings and thought it would be fixed. Unfortunately it's 
not and it either depends on a build/dependency problem (I am currently 
building it again) or we have potentially a serious problem. Some 
resource strings were moved and maybe we have a problem here.

But anyway if we have a general problem here with the localized strings 
I tend to prepare a RC for en-US only. I think it would make sense to 
start it next week to collect the necessary feedback if we are Apache 
conform or if we have further open issues here.

The localization issue would be addressed next week together with 
finally setup the pootle server with up-to-date data etc. and hopefully 
integrating some returned localizations.

I tested fro example the returned pt-BR and it looks good so far ...

What do others think about this proposed approach?


>> But if we did, where do we point the buildbots: 3.4 branch or trunk?
> No direct commits should be done on the 3.4 branch: all the
> commits should go to trunk first and then merged to the
> branch after some testing period.
> Since it's desirable to detect breakage before merging anything,
> we would keep pointing the buildbots to the trunk. Defining where
> the binary packages for the release are created is another issue,
> specially since we will be bundling some dictionaries
> Pedro.

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