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From Pedro Giffuni <>
Subject Re: AOO for Debian
Date Thu, 15 Mar 2012 19:36:54 GMT
On 03/15/12 10:40, eric b wrote:
> Hi Pedro,
> Le 15 mars 12 à 15:56, Pedro Giffuni a écrit :
> ...
>> BTW, I am pretty sure that we would like to have OOoLight and OOoKids 
>> in FreeBSD and it shouldn't be difficult to use the current AOO port 
>> as a template.
> Not sure. I'll have to adapt a lot of things first.

Take your time, but it would be extremely welcome and I am sure
we can make it find it's way into PC-BSD too. No disrespect for the
cool OpenBSD guys but we have more users and, in the case of
PC-BSD, they have targeted the OS for desktop users.

>> I am extremely busy at this time but it would surely be something to 
>> consider.
> There will be a lot of work before : our derivative products are based 
> on OOo 3.2.1 source code, and I prefer use dmake instead of gnu make, 
> who mainly added problems and solved nothing important (to my eyes, 
> but I can be wrong).

I hate CVS but I will try to get back the patches we used to build
OOo 3.2.1 on FreeBSD, Those will make things much easier and
they will also get you somewhat nearer to AOO.

> So the patch will be big, but I already did it at the begining. What I 
> could do is align OOo4kids with AOOo (this is two weeks of work at 
> least) and provide patches for the missing makefiles and so on.

As you may know, the FreeBSD ports system doesn't really touch
much the original tarballs: it's a make-based automated system
that send parameters to configure, build and package.

It doesn't really have huge changes between OOo and AOO.
For AOO, the main change has been that we try to use more
prepackaged components using the configure "system" options.

Maho is, of course, our local packaging expert on this port.

> Back to FreeBSD : as answer, I know the build is currently possible on 
> OpenBSD (not tested since a while). FYI, I even wrote a port file 
> (untested, probably buggy), but so far, nobody reported anything on 
> FreeBSD yet, but there is no reason it won't work.

OpenBSD's ports are based on FreeBSD's ports system.
We have a nice handbook, just for reference:

And once we have an initial port we will assign it to the
office list (office@) for maintainance.


> To be continued  ;-)
> Eric

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