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From Oliver-Rainer Wittmann <>
Subject update service - further information for such a service
Date Thu, 15 Mar 2012 11:47:41 GMT

I have continued the work started by Regina, Ariel and Kay regarding the update 
I have documented my findings at [1].

I think we have everything together to bring a corresponding web service back to 

I think we have at least two options for such a web service.

If we want to create a 'real' web service which on demand creates an appropriate 
response the HTTP GET request contains all needed information in its header 
fields "User-Agent" and "Accept-Language" to implement such a web service.
The "User-Agent" field contains the operating system, the machine architecture 
and the bundled languages of the installed office. If a corresponding 
installation package of newer version is available a corresponding response can 
be generated.

Another solution could be to provide a static XML document, based on an atom 
feed, which contains as much entries as installation packages for the latest 
version are available. For each installation package which defines itself by the 
operating system, the machine architecture and the bundled languages an entry is 
needed. Such entries need to be duplicated for every existing office 
installation with different <UpdateID> in its version.ini.

Any thoughts, comments, corrections, ...?

BTW, the update service of a certain installed office can be tested locally. No 
HTTP GET request is involved in this case, but you can test with certain XML 
documents provided as responses. You can change the value of <UpdateURL> in file 
<version.ini> of your office installation to a local file URL - e.g. under 
Windows to something like file:///C:/check.update.xml


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