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From Jürgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: Pootle translation roundtrip
Date Wed, 14 Mar 2012 17:15:33 GMT

On 3/14/12 10:53 AM, Jürgen Schmidt wrote:
> Hi,
> I would like to give a short update on the progress I have made so far.
> - I was able to setup a local Pootle server for my testing purposes. So
> far so good ;-)
> - I created a new SDF file based on the current available resources
> - Based on this en-US.sdf file I was able to create a new set of POT files
> - I created another SDF file containing the current "en-US" strings +
> the available "de" and "es" strings. Means the already available
> localizations in our repository (as a well defined start).
> - Based on this I have created new sets of PO files for "de" and "es"
> and have updated my local Pootle server with these languages
> The good thing is that I was able to verify the changes I have made for
> the the About are reflected in the po files and need attention.
> Some data:
> German - 4457 words need attention - 81530
> Spanish - 4028 words need attention - 81530
> A little bit surprising is the reduced number of words, well we have
> removed dialogs but compared to the available data on the Apache Pootle
> server (89396) I think we have to check this carefully.
> But I have noticed that 6 template files have problems and couldn't be
> read. I haven't figured out the problem yet and I am working on this.
> Further steps:
> - analyze the template reading error -> any kind of tip is appreciated!!!
> - I will change some German Strings and will extract the data from
> pootle -> sdf and will prepare a new Germany version base don the
> changes to see if the roundtrip works.
> When I am sure that the round trip works I would propose the following:
> - create new templates based on the latest new created sdf files
> - prepare new po files for all languages based on the data we have
> currently in the repository and which is used for the build at the moment.
> - update the Pootle server with the new set of po/pot files
> - provide the files for offline usage to translators
> - translators can check if their local (if available) backups are newer
> than the provided data and can merge/update the data accordingly
> - finished translations are merged back into the repository
> Future improvements:
> will coming later but I think we have a lot room for improvements here ;-)
> Any opinions, questions, feedback or comments? I am really looking
> forward to improve the whole translation process with you together.

Ok, it looks better now. After a further test I had no read errors of 
the new generated template files and "de" has now 89977 words.

German - 4053 words need attention - 89977

That looks much better and the word count for a new language is the 
same. This makes me more confident. If the round trip works as well 
(have to run a further test to be sure) I will move forward to prepare a 
new initial set of po files for all available languages.


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