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From Jürgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: [TRANSLATE] translation update for UI in pt-BR
Date Wed, 14 Mar 2012 13:03:53 GMT
Hi Claudio,

On 3/14/12 4:14 AM, Claudio Filho wrote:
> Hi
> I finished a initial revision of translation for pt-BR of UI. I filled this
> issue[1].
> [1]
> But i have some questions about the occurrences of "Oracle" in many
> strings, related below. Some sugestion for this?
they have to be fixed for the next release I would say. There is 
probably more stuff that have to be updated.

Important is that we have updated the most visible occurrences. But of 
course there might be strings that are not visible any more, e.g the 
crash reporter, but not 100% removed. I assume that a defensive approach 
was used often to remove stuff ;-)


> Bests,
> Claudio
> File: crashrep.ulf#_ALLOW_CONTACT_.LngText.text
> String: ~I allow Oracle to contact me regarding this report.
> File: basic.src#IDD_TT_ABOUT_DIALOG.4.fixedtext.text
> String: ©1995-2010 Oracle
> File:
> docrecovery.src#RID_SVXPAGE_ERR_REP_SEND.CB_ERRSEND_CONTACT.checkbox.text
> String: ~I allow Oracle to contact me regarding this report.
> File:
> docrecovery.src#RID_SVXPAGE_ERR_REP_WELCOME.FT_RECOV_DESCR.fixedtext.text
> String:
> This error report tool gathers information about how %PRODUCTNAME is working
> and sends it to Oracle to help improve future versions.\n
> \n
> It's easy - just send the report without any further effort on your part by
> clicking 'Send' in the next dialog, or you can briefly describe how the
> error occurred and then click 'Send'. If you want to see the report, click
> the 'Show Report' button. No data will be sent if you click 'Do Not Send'.\n
> \n
> Customer Privacy\n
> The information gathered is limited to data concerning the state of %
> PRODUCTNAME %PRODUCTVERSION when the error occurred. Other information
> about
> passwords or document contents is not collected.\n
> \n
> The information will only be used to improve the quality of %PRODUCTNAME
> and
> will not be shared with third parties.\n
> For more information on Oracle's privacy policy, visit\n

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