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From Hagar Delest <>
Subject Files replaced by hashes, let's face it
Date Mon, 12 Mar 2012 21:47:42 GMT
Hi All,

We have had a recent discussion in the forum (after another case) about the problem where
files are replaced with only hashes, leading to serious data loss.
Is there any plan to handle it or at least to double check the save process?

For the record: usually after a power loss, the opened file is wrecked and no data is recoverable.
In very rare cases (I've seen it twice IIRC), user is able to recover the last version from
the temporary files.
The discussion:
The post where I've listed more than 90 similar reports in forums:
The issue I'd filed:

NB: not sure if LibO has inherited this problem too but I guess so according to a quick Google

Of course the bug is not reproducible, it happens on several OS, with different versions but
has appeared clearly end of 2008.

Please remember that this bug is very detrimental to the product reputation, leading to a
loss of confidence in the code. Especially for a very basic feature. Facing say a power loss
is not usual but the original file should not be processed until the new file is correctly
written (or its temporary version should at least be available for recovery).


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