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From Andrew Rist <>
Subject Re: [BUILD]: propose next developer snapshot based on revision 1299571
Date Mon, 12 Mar 2012 18:08:51 GMT

On 3/12/2012 9:14 AM, Kay Schenk wrote:
> 2012/3/12 J├╝rgen Schmidt<>
>> Hi,
>> I would like to propose that we prepare the next set of dev snapshots
>> based on the revision r1299571 (same as last changed revision). It is not
>> the latest working buildbot revision but I would like to include an
>> increased buildid.
> Hi Juergen--
> Could someone at some point enlighten us as to WHY the latest revisions
> aren't automatically scooped up by the buildbot?
The build bots pull the latest code every night.
> Or amybe a wiki page on
> this??? I also notice that the Linux-32 build via buildbot still has
> issues, and wonder, why, if changes have been successfully made to this
> build AND supposedly it's being built by Ubuntu (same as the developer
> builds), it still has issues.
The Linux-32 build bot is on Ubuntu 11.10 (as opposed to 10.04).  There 
are issues related to building on the newer Ubuntu.
We've been working through them, but there is one issue left with 
symbols in CoinMP.  I have not had time to work through that issue.

(I am wondering if CoinMP is deployed on the system - outside of the 
build tree - when it is compiled.  If so a version using a different set 
of g++ and ld may be on the system, and blocking it from being rebuilt.)

Anyway - it is down to the last four packages, and 'almost' builds ;-)

> I confess I know NOTHING about the buildbot,
> so if you can point me (and others) to some instructions that might be
> helpful.
that shows the latest set of logs
shows the latest builds - click on a build and you can see the set of 
steps it goes through.

> Thanks for everything! :)
>> It is still no a official RC because of the existing show stopper issues.
>> I hope that we can start a second build later this week if possible.
>> I would like to propose also that we continue to provide normal/complete
>> install sets for all languages.
>> The dev snapshot from last week was proposed to the IPMC with zero
>> response so far. Not really promising and maybe somebody else has an idea
>> what we can do to get some early feedback.
>> The builds will be made available again under**
>> confluence/display/OOOUSERS/**AOO+3.4+Unofficial+Developer+**Snapshots<>
>> Juergen


Andrew Rist | Interoperability Architect
OracleCorporate Architecture Group
Redwood Shores, CA | 650.506.9847

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