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From Michael Bauer <>
Subject Re: [Translate] Users for Pootle Server
Date Fri, 09 Mar 2012 11:30:16 GMT
> Be constructive. What would be the top 3 things that we should change?
> -Rob
Gladly, though I may be repeating myself :)

1) Allow some for a small number of locale leads which initially are 
"given freely like candy" but allow for revisting that if lead turns out 
to be inactive or rogue. These leads administer the access levels of 
their fellow translators (if there are any). These need Project Admin 
access but I'm sure they'd be quite happy to have that restricted to AOO 
Pootle only. As I said before, I doubt a lot of translators will do much 
in the way of committing code.
2) Allow account creating as on other Pootle servers without any hoops 
to jump through other than the usual signup process.

In essence, handle Pootle and l10n as it was handled before.

3) Once that basic sort of l10n infrastructure is in place, find some 
people skilled in code who are willing to keep a closeish look on l10n 
issues and decamp l10n from the main dev mailing list.



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