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From Michael Bauer <>
Subject Re: How can we get OpenOffice started with Pootle?
Date Sat, 03 Mar 2012 00:22:28 GMT
02/03/2012 23:41, sgrìobh Gavin McDonald:
> See
> for more info on the privileges applied.
> You need not be logged in to submit translation suggestions.
> Therefore, no need to be a committer to do so either.
> Gav...
Gavin, the nature of the best is that for small languages, you usually 
have a team of one. If I add "Suggestions" then there is no-one who will 
accept them or, if I get the right priviledges, I have to accept them at 
a later point myself. Or indeed, if someone suggests a junk translation, 
then how will a committer who is unfamiliar with the language going to 

I'd have to be at least a Project Admin level (looking at your table (by 
the way, should that be "higher perms" instead of "giving higger 
perms"?). Not because I want to commit but apart from the above reason, 
because I'm not doing anything unless I can make backups (sorry, but I 
*almost* got burnt very badly when OOO went down) and because I need to 
be able to overwrite some of the old stuff (I was in the middle of a 
major review of a lot of junk that ended up in the Gaelic translation).

If that's not an option, then I have to seriously think about 
participation in AOO.


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