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From Herbert Duerr <>
Subject Bundling extensions as blobs
Date Fri, 02 Mar 2012 16:23:41 GMT
OpenOffice extensions are widely employed to extend its core 
functionality. Downloading and installing extensions is no problem for 
experienced users, but for novice users the extra steps required could 
appear as a gratuitous nuisance. So when creating install sets builders 
can serve their target audience better by bundling popular extensions 
such as galleries, templates, etc.

Some of these extensions are platform specific, some are language 
specific, some should be integrated directly into the core package and 
for some this would be not such a good idea.

So there are a lot of different use cases that need to be covered. It 
was already possible to bundle extensions as pre-registered and unzipped 
files by working in the scp2 module. This is not too convenient and due 
to legal concerns it is not possible in general.

On this note I extended the spectrum of possibilities by providing a 
configuration option named --with-bundled-extension-blobs. As the name 
suggests it allows to bundle extensions exactly as the same blobs which 
were approved for re-distribution. When OpenOffice is run they then get 
installed automatically.

E.g. if there are some cute galleries that are interesting for some 
audience you could bundle them by giving the configuration option
--with-bundled-extension-blobs="kitty-gallery.oxt puppy-gallery.oxt" and 
providing the corresponding files in the ext_sources directory.
When the resulting package gets installed these files will be copied 1:1 
into one of the programs shared directories from where they will be 
automatically picked up. Without requiring the user to do any bothersome 
steps they can then be directly used in OpenOffice.

I hope you find this useful,

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