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From Andre Fischer>
Subject Re: How can we get OpenOffice started with Pootle?
Date Fri, 02 Mar 2012 08:14:42 GMT
On 01.03.2012 21:45, Gavin McDonald wrote:
>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: Andre Fischer []
>> Sent: Thursday, 1 March 2012 11:36 PM
>> To:
>> Subject: Re: How can we get OpenOffice started with Pootle?
>> On 01.03.2012 14:25, imacat wrote:
>>> On 2012/03/01 18:57, Andre Fischer said:
>>>> On 29.02.2012 19:50, imacat wrote:
>>>>> On 2012/02/29 18:23, J├╝rgen Schmidt said:
>>>> 1) Developers (I for example) could start with converting PO to SDF
>>>> without (necessarily) the pootle server.
>>>       I don't get it.  Could you please clarify on this?  Did you mean
>>> that we download the PO, run po2oo offline and commit?
>> Yes, something like that.  Usually the PO files live on the pootle server and
>> are transformed during the download to AOO.  As we do not have an active
>> pootle server we can either
> What do you mean by the statement  "We do not have an active pootle server" ??
> There is , been up for months, please concentrate your pootle
> efforts in helping to get that working for your needs -- it is after all your project
> asked for it in the first place !!

Yes I know that and I hope and think that I have acknowledged that 
before. Apparently I chose the wrong words.  I meant this:
We (Apache OpenOffice) have not yet started to put our data on the 
Apache pootle server and have not yet integrated that server into our 
localization process.
I used the word "active" in the context of Apache OpenOffice not Apache 
in general.

I know and appreciate that the Apache pootle server is up and running 
and assume it works just fine.


> Gav...
>> a) setup the pootle server, then upload the PO files and finally download the
>> SDF files, or
>> b) store the PO files somewhere (where they do not get lost) and convert
>> them directly into SDF.  This, of course, would be only a temporary solution.
>>>> 2) It would be a start to drop support for SDF files in the long run
>>>> and use PO files directly.
>>>       +1 That is best.  SDF really sucks.

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