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From Andre Fischer>
Subject Re: Localization process (Re: [RELEASE]: preparation for our first release)
Date Thu, 01 Mar 2012 10:49:05 GMT
On 29.02.2012 21:59, Andrea Pescetti wrote:
> On 27/02/2012 Andrea Pescetti wrote:
>> On 27/02/2012 Andre Fischer wrote:
>>> It would help me, for example, if you could describe the localization
>>> from you POV, like how you down- and later upload data from/to the
>>> pootle server. When do you start translation, how do you signal that you
>>> have finished translating and the uploaded data is ready for
>>> integration?
>> This is easy and I can answer it too: Sun/Oracle used to prepare the
>> data from the sources and uploaded them to a Pootle server; then
>> translation teams would operate on the PO files (online or offline)
>> before an announced "translation deadline"; at that point, control was
>> back in the hands of Sun/Oracle: they used data from the PO files to
>> repopulate the SDF files used in the source. But this probably adds
>> nothing to what you already know: in other words, the code<->Pootle
>> conversions have always been "black boxes" for translation teams.
> Actually, the code<->Pootle conversions haven't always been "black
> boxes": what I wrote is true for recent years, but before that the
> translation teams delivered the sdf files directly, so we went an extra
> step, even though not directly to the source code. That process was
> managed by Paolo Pozzan, who recently joined the list, so he might
> provide some useful insights.
> Paolo,
> contains the information we have so far. If you know more about any of
> the steps involved, feel free to complete it.

And please don't be shy.  I have no prior experience with the 
translation process.  I just pieced together what I found in the 
makefiles and source code of tools.

> Paolo also has Pootle backups for Italian taken in April 2011, which
> means we might compare them to Andre Fischer's files
> (thread: ) and see if
> that backup is current. Anyway, we didn't update translations after
> April 2011, so we surely have the latest data ("we" = "Italian
> translation team").

That sounds great.  Is your data in a form that could be checked into 
extras/l10n/ directly?

Thanks, Andre

> Regards,
> Andrea.

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