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From Dave Fisher <>
Subject Re: Regional AOO sites [was: Re:]
Date Fri, 30 Mar 2012 00:10:28 GMT

On Mar 29, 2012, at 7:11 AM, Rob Weir wrote:

> On Thu, Mar 29, 2012 at 9:29 AM, Claudio Filho <> wrote:
>> Hi
>> 2012/3/28 Rob Weir <>:
>>> We have the ability to host such sites here at Apache, as subdomains of
>> the
>>> domain.  For example, is for
>>> German.  It then redirects to which is a
>>> subdirectory of our web site's content tree.
>> Yes, that is (practically) the same thing that before.
>>> If a website is done that way, then project committers have direct access
>>> to checking in changes, via the CMS or Subversion.  Other contributors
>> can
>>> submit patches.
>> I see different, Rob, why in this way is good to maintain a "core"
>> pages, like in Debian (where i help too) that all content are under
>> CVS using WML, giving a very good support to manage and see how old is
>> a translation. A example is this page[1].
>> [1]
> I see three models:
> 1) Core English portal that is translated into other languages.  So no
> local variation, other than translation.
> 2) Each language creates its own NL entry page, with design and content
> determined by the NL community
> 3) A core English page that is modular, that has core content that is
> translated for other languages, but also has a panel for local news
> stories, and additional NL-specific content available on pages linked to
> from the home page.
> Today, with the, we have a mix.  And some would say we have
> a mess.

That we still have the whole mess is an achievement.

> My personal preference would be something like #3.  Get a basic translation
> for all languages, with static content that will remain valid for a long
> period of time.  We might not have a vibrant Bulgarian or Albanian
> community in the project today, but we can have a website translated once,
> and still be useful to end users.  But then we need additional flexibility
> for active NL communities, so they can customize and enhance.

+1. I agree and when I have another volunteer window we can make some progress on improving
the main, download, some policy pages, a how to contribute site translations. Also news feeds
etc. We already discussed some of the technical details.

>>> Can we follow this strategy?
>>> Which strategy? Calling something "BrOffice"?
>> To have a regional site out of Apache's infra.
>>> For a website hosted at Apache, as part of the website,
>> the
>>> CMS is available by default.
>> humm... a Wiki can be considered as CMS, but isn't easy or with same
>> resources/features that a communicative site. But with this phrase i
>> understand that here isn't the correct place to discuss this, and yes
>> in mkting list. I will do it.
> The Apache CMS allows someone to edit files via a browser-based interface.
> So it is very easy for a committer to make changes.  Not as easy as a wiki,
> but a lot easier than checking out files via SVN.
> And I think we could do a hybrid model as well.  For example, we could have
> a static HTML homepage for a language, but then have the links from that
> page go to a wiki that the NL community maintains.  That would give us a
> consistent "look & feel" for the homepage, but also give easier authoring
> for the other pages.

What's important to know in this discussion is that the modular parts that I plan should be
in markdown and not html.

I already have the ability to have translated top nav buttons, branding text, search and home
be translated

All these files so far are markdown / .mdtext files. I plan to have the modules be mdtext
as well.

I have the plan, I just need to find the time.



>>> It is also certainly possible to have your own website, external to
>> Apache,
>>> and run by local volunteers.  But it would be important to choose a
>> domain
>>> name that did not imply that it was an official OpenOffice website.
>> As BrOffice, always became clear that was a *community* website, and
>> was a strategy to bring more volunteers and promote the product, like
>> a "adaptation land" before to jump for international project. We can
>> receive good efforts from a non-english community speakers inside each
>> country/region, finding people that can to do this "bridge" (or
>> facilitator) for AOO project.
> I think this approach can be done at Apache as well.  You have a pt_br
> mailing list for the NL community, to coordinate the contents of the
> website.
>>> The simplest thing, I think, would be to host your website at Apache,
>>> something like  Would that work? exists and already has a simple page.

I'd help if someone provided a translation for the topnav.

Or, shouldn't we work to co-ordinate with the pootle translators? Probably after 3.4. Meanwhile
my plan can proceed and we can decide later what is special and what is piped in from pootle.

>> As i said, I see fine to translate the portal for all languages, like
>> in Debian, but when we start to bring news, localized material (or
>> more specific like spreadsheets based in a local law), isn't
>> interesting to share. Others, like presentation templates, i agree
>> that is interesting to converge and to  join.
>> However, i will rewrite this email in mkting list.


>> Best,
>> Claudio

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