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From eric b <>
Subject Re: Is any one here familiar with OpenOffice?
Date Mon, 12 Mar 2012 16:28:23 GMT
Hi Rob,

Le 12 mars 12 à 13:50, Rob Weir a écrit :

> I jest,of course.
> But seriously, there are some claiming that "all" of the  
> project went over to LibreOffice and that the Apache  
> has zero experience with this code base.

IMHO we should not spend too much of (our precious) time about that.

>   I know this sounds crazy, but how can we best refute that statement?

As Tino Rachui teached me : the better answer is always the technical  
answer. So let's produce our first release.

After all, we are, and we do a very good work !

> Here's my idea:  Respond to this note and tell me how many years  
> experience you have working with OpenOffice.

(my personal problem is to find more time to contribute. I'm very  
busy at work for the next two weeks :-/  )

>  This could be in any capacity, as a coder, tester, documentation,  
> marketing, forum volunteer, whatever.  Please count relevant work  
> with related projects, such as Symphony, BSD ports, OOo4Kids, ODF,  
> etc. as well. How many years were you doing this before the project  
> came to Apache?

Disclaimer : everything I did was as simple volunteer, without being  
paid, and you can take what you need in in the list.

2003 : first participation as simple contributor.
(some contributions between )
2011 : supporting Apache OpenOffice since the begining

The most important I learned in (code, tools and  
everything) was with Philippe Lohmann, Pavel Janik, Oliver Braun,  
Stephan Schaefer, Tino Rachui, Herbert Duerr and some other nice guys  
help  (apologies for the one I forgot).

As core dev (since 2005) :

- I participated to ~ 50 child workspaces (see :  http:// ), OpenGL transitions on  
Mac OS X, the Apple remote implementation (Mac OS X too), I hacked a  
bit the packaging processn, contributed  to the Impress annotation  
mode (continued in OOo4Kids)

My most important concern with OOo4Kids is about performance issues  
with poor old slow machines, without much of RAM

Other important contributions :
- Google SoC mentor since 2006, 4 times for (last was  
for Go-Oo and EducOOo), I mentored more than 20 students, and trained  
around 15 people who became Domain developers  
(something equivalent in Apache OOo could be "Commiters") and I  
promoted online courses "ClassRooms" about OOo core source code, and  
everything around sharing the knowledge with developpers.

As the main developer of OOo4Kids and OOoLight ( Mac OS X, Linux,  
Windows, 18 locales (recently Polish)), and ready to share my  
knowledge with Apache OpenOffice people, I think I know a lot in OOo  
surce code.

The part I know the most in source code are : sal,  
solenv, vcl, framework, draw (shells and UI like slideshow),   
Impress, svtools, sfx2, packaging process on all OS's). I can build  
and work on all OS's, including portable version on Windows and Linux  
ARM (armel and Debian armhf). My recent work in progress concerns  
Writer and Draw shells (and more in fact).

Funny :  I have no Java skills  :-)

> If I get a good number of responses I'll put together an  
> infographic on this.

No problem. Feel free to take what you consider interesting for your  
paper  :-)



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