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Subject Re: I had problems with the program openoffice
Date Mon, 12 Mar 2012 14:13:56 GMT
I loaded file and see no image.  But the data seem to be merely in table form, so why not
use Calc?
May you can ge more help from forums:

0@8O K:>20 [] kirjoitti: 
> Good afternoon. I use the software openoffice. I had problems with the
> program. The matter is that in the text document at me my changes don't
> remain. I will describe a problem. I keep drawing in an extreme right top
> corner, I put a binding to page, I keep the document - all remains as me it
> is necessary. But after I close the document, and I open it again, my
> picture appears in the middle of page. The matter is that at me many such
> pages, and on each of them of a picture. And if I need to change something
> in the document, I should rearrange anew all pictures in the right top
> corner. As there are blanks in some lines after a picture. In general after
> I close the document, and I open it again it it is transformed beyond
> recognition. Very much I hope for your help. In the enclosed file that
> document which I try to keep.
> Mary.

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